Depression can follow you unmercifully, but you can win. You can overcome. You can control. You are loved and you only have to reach out to someone for help.

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The darkness unfurls, overwhelms, suffocates the radiance; the glimmer of light fighting to penetrate the murky depths. A million light years of reaching, crawling, clawing towards the impossible, the unreachable. Disintegrating and reforming. Vast, black bodies clashing, crumbling, the crimson amber burning and destroying. And yet the struggle is strong, never ends- to emerge separate, […]

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The Angels Sing

Seventy yellow balloons soar into the sky. They spread happiness and love as we stand and watch them float by. Seventy yellow roses fill our home in your favorite hue. We would have done it all to celebrate together with you. Seventy yellow candles on the cake would have stood tall. Your face beaming, if […]

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You poured your love, you gave it your all. Too young, too trusting, too naive. It was your downfall. He was your world, your sun, moon and stars- there was no one you could compare him to by far. Patiently you gave your heart, your body, your soul. You bore him children. Your life you […]

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No rain, no flowers

  The anger seeps through, a blanket smothering her voice, as she reads the words before her, as she blocks out the noise. The bruises, welts and blood, she turned a blind eye. She no longer wept- no longer asked why. He did not love her He barred her path. The one she called Father, […]

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Green grass, flowing rivers, the birds sing in the trees. A distant bell; an alarm- the dream ceases to be.   ‘The whites are showing!’ ‘Where’s the dye?’ Unscrew the lid- ‘Where’s my tie?’   ‘My book’s disappeared!’ ‘The dog’s got my brush!’ ‘The hair can wait, we’ve got to rush!’   Shoulders sag, brain […]

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Butterfly Whispers

You are still gone, though your touch is in everything around us. Our home is silent without your footsteps and voice. The mind cannot grasp, cannot fathom your absence.   Your love surrounds us, protects us. The children see you in the brightest star that shines each night, they hear your voice whisper in their […]

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  Smooth and green he waits. Words spill over confident and shrewd. He knows your weakness, he thrives on trust. Amiable, garrulous, he moves with no fuss. His voice soothes, he is green, no one sees that which is hidden- that is mean. Now he changes dull and brown. Nothing to wonder, nothing to warn. […]

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